SodoMania Movie Collection - MegaPack

SodoMania Movie Collection - MegaPack
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SodoMania Movie Collection - MegaPack

The big park of films of the series "SodoMania" of the Studio "Elegant Angel" will delight fans of hard sex, as well as fans of Porn cinema of the 90s. Enjoy watching the entire series "SodoMania"

Genre: Anal,Classic,BDWC,Gangbang,Gonzo,Lesbian,Threesome,Hairy Pussy,Double Penetration,Group Sex,Big Tits,Milf,Orgy,
Movies: 43
Size: 60.360 MB
Duration: 4000 min

 Scene 1. Cody O'Connor, Francesca Le, Randy West
 Scene 2. Nicole London, Tony Tedeschi
 Scene 3. Tiffany Mynx, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 4. Brittany O'Connell, Lacy Rose, Rick Masters
 Brittany O'Connell (Credited: Brittany) Facial
 Cody O'Connor
 Francesca Le Anal
 Kiss MastOnly
 Lacy Rose (Credited: Lacey Rose) Anal
 Nicole London Anal
 Randy West
 Rick Masters
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Tiffany Mynx Tony Tedeschi
 Sodomania is dedicated to all of us who hate watching women fuck that don't like fucking! If you like most of what's available in the adult market, you probably won't like this video. But if you like girls who like getting fucked in the ass, girls who like to lick cum off their toes, and girls who just love to suck, fuck, and be watched while they do it - then this is the film for you! It's got gorgeous newcummer Cheri Lynn living out a personal fantasy with the nasty Francesca Le getting slammed in her ass by Randy West while she sucks Cheri's pussy. Nicole London takes Tony Tedeschi up her ass and on her face! Then you'll see Tiffany Mynx, who requested a scene in which she could lick cum off her pretty toes. And last, yet another newcummer - the adorable Brittany, fucking and sucking with the stunning Lacey and Rick Masters. (Wait until you see Brittany guide Rick's cock into Lacey's waiting ass!) 
Sodomania 2 (1993)
Cast:  Francesca Le, Sean Michaels, Tiffany Mynx, Peter North, Rebecca Bardoux, Sierra, Randy West, Sasha, Heather Hart, Barbara, Barbora (II), Rocco Siffredi
Well, here we are again!
 Finding girls who like getting their assholes pumped is actually pretty easy. All I have to do is ask!
 Scene I: In our first story, The Good Neighbor, one of the hottest girls in adult video today (Heather Hart) goes nuclear on Randy West when he gives her asshole the pistoning she begs for!
 Scene II: In our next story, Photo Indemnity, the remarkable Rebecca Bardoux asked me to get Sean Michaels and Peter North to fuck her ass. Being the kind of guy who always tries to please, I got 'em! - Then she got 'em!!! My dick was hard through the six hours it took to shoot this scene! This girl loves sex! -And boy does it show!!
 Scene III: Our next story, Photo Finish, stars European imports, Barbara and Sasha, along with the scorching Francesca Le and dick-stiffening Tiffany Mynx. The girls from Europe are shy at first, but our two American beauties latch on the new-commers' imported pussies. They turn into pussy-squirting, cum-screaming women and confirmed labia lovers.
 Scene IV: The Presentation. In our final scene, the Italian Stallion, Rocco Siffredi, is given the opportunity of a lifetime when coach O'Connor presents him with the delicious Sierra! -Her young, perfectly formed asshole is stuffed to the hilt -but not before Cody has prepared the entrance by shaving it smooth and licking it clean.
 Sodomania 3 (1993)
 Scene 1. Axinia, Lady Berlin, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 2. Beatrice Valle, Tabatha Cash, Mark Davis
 Scene 3. Tiffany Mynx, Jon Dough, Randy Spears
 Scene 4. Alicia Rio, Jonathan Morgan
 Alicia Rio Anal Facial
 Beatrice Valle Anal Facial A2M
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Jon Dough
 Jonathan Morgan
 Lady Berlin Facial
 Mark Davis
 Randy Spears
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Tabatha Cash Anal Facial
 Tiffany Mynx Anal Facial Swallow
 In the first scene, beautiful, big titted German exports Berlin and Axinia star in "Hard Lessons are Good to Find." Berlin, in an effort to save Axinia's marriage, wants to teach her inexperienced friend how to best utilize her 'assets'. She employs the special effects talents of Professor Bowltree who helps guide the novice through a curriculum of tit fucking, toe sucking, and pussy pounding. Both girls have natural tits and progressively naughty needs! In our second scene, "The Pleasure of Deceit from Paris" the sizzling Beatrice Valle co-stars along with the breathtaking Tabatha Cash! Tabatha decides that her lover (real life model Mark Davis) is too straight sexually. What she really wants is a thorough ass fucking. Will she be able to?
 Sodomania 4 (1993)
 Scene 1. Lilli Xene, Misty Rain, Chad Thomas
 Scene 2. Chelsea Ann, Jack Mann
 Scene 3. Nicole London, Tiffany Mynx, Troy Ballou
 Scene 4. Lynden Johnson, Tony Tedeschi
 Scene 5. Brittany O'Connell, Carmel St. Clair, Alex Sanders
 Alex Sanders
 Brittany O'Connell Anal
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Carmel St. Clair Anal
 Chad Thomas
 Chelsea Ann Anal Facial
 Jack Mann
 Lilli Xene
 Lynden Johnson Anal Facial
 Misty Rain Anal Facial Bald
 Nicole London
 Roscoe Bowltree NonSex
 Tiffany Mynx Facial
 Tony Tedeschi
 Troy Ballou
 In Sodomania IV you get five separate vignettes, each with it's own special flavor! In the first story we are treated to the screaming need of an impassioned mute girl whose innocence is exploited by a hedonistic duo...or is it?
 In out second story one of the newest and kinkiest girls in the business adds a whole new dimension to appetite control. High in calories and low in fat!
 Next, the hottest and nastiest girl I've ever met teams up with one of the only girls in the business that can match her intensity. They turn the tables on a perverted peeping Tom, and thief who has broken into their home. A heavy price is exacted upon this young man for his dirty deeds!
 In out fourth scenario, the petite blond with the electric blue eyes and big titties is a feature dancer who comes to my office to tell me what kind of sex scene would really turn her on. Her dream lover is Tony Tedeschi, and she wants me to set up a scene that involves her teasing him and him doing her...Maybe I can help, I'll do my best!
 In our final scene, Brittany O'Connell returns as the infamous nutwhacker, Julliane St. Croix. But this time she meets her match in the form of an ultra kinky couple who turns the tables on our demented temptress...or do they? Maybe...maybe not!
Sodomania 5 (1993)
 Scene 1. Valeria Bondarenko, Lara Lambkin, Rick
 Scene 2. Kitty Yung, Tiffany Mynx, Randy West
 Scene 3. Eva, Mike Foster
 Scene 4. Bionca, Debi Diamond, Alex Sanders, John Stagliano
 Alex Sanders
 Valeria Bondarenko (Credited: Angela)
 Bionca Anal
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Debi Diamond Facial Swallow
 John Stagliano
 Kitty Yung Anal
 Lara Lambkin
 Mike Foster
 Randy West
 Roscoe Bowltree NonSex
 Tiffany Mynx Anal
 2 scenes from Europe and other very special scenes from the good old U.S. of A. Very horny girls and guys fucking, sucking, eating and beating themselves off into a frenzy of grunting, groaning, licking and moaning. The final scene even brings you Buttman, himself, doing very nasty things to the delightful Bionca and kinky blonde super-star Debi Diamond. After Buttman splits, Alex Sanders jumps in to finish the job. Whew! This scene has it all!
 Sodomania 6 (1993)
 Scene 1. Kaitlyn Ashley, Jay Ashley, Jon Dough, Peter North, TT Boy
 Scene 2. Lara Lambkin, Mike Foster
 Scene 3. Debi Diamond, Wednesday, John Decker
 Scene 4. Misty Rain, Sharon Mitchell
 Scene 5. Nikki Shane, Tara Monroe, Gerry Pike
 DVD Bonus. Roxanne Hall, guy, Kurt Lockwood, Kyle Stone, Tyler Wood
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Debi Diamond Anal
 Gerry Pike
 Jay Ashley
 John Decker
 Jon Dough
 Kaitlyn Ashley Anal Facial DP
 Kurt Lockwood DVDOnly
 Kyle Stone DVDOnly
 Lara Lambkin Anal A2M
 Mike Foster
 Misty Rain LezOnly
 Nikki Shane
 Peter North
 Roscoe Bowltree NonSex
 Roxanne Hall BJOnly Facial DVDOnly
 Sharon Mitchell LezOnly
 Tara Monroe
 TT Boy
 Tyler Wood DVDOnly
 Wednesday Facial A2M
 Patrick Collins, Adam Film World Director of the Year presents the sixth installment in the award winning 'Sodomania' series! This one is all about the gang-bangs (and other thangs!) This video sizzles from beginning to end with everything from DP's to 3 ways and more! This is some of the hottest sex action anywhere!
 Sodomania 7 (1994)
 Scene 1. Wednesday, Jonathan Morgan
 Scene 2. Tammi Ann, Alex Sanders
 Scene 3. Tianna, Joey Silvera
 Scene 4. Beverly Glen, Gerry Pike
 Scene 5. Sierra, Roscoe Bowltree
 Alex Sanders
 Beverly Glen Anal
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Gerry Pike
 Joey Silvera
 Jonathan Morgan
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Sierra Facial
 Tammi Ann Anal Facial
 Wednesday Facial
 Bang the Bum Slowly...Again!
 Written and Directed by Patrick Collins
 This episode brings back the demented bum from Sodomania 3. This guy loves his world - almost as much as his rich lady friend played deliciously by Wednesday.
 Wild Boy
 Written and Directed by Parker Schurman
 Further proof that Parker is the most depraved new director on the horizon!
 The "Cobbie"
 Written and Directed by Michael Cates
 Already acclaimed as the best cameramen and editor in the industry, he now brings you this gem...especially made for the true foot fetishist.
 Yes! But Not That Kind of Work
 Written and Directed by Patrick Collins
 Starring Beverly Glenn and Gerry Pike. Gerry is in my office looking for work...and Beverly is in the warehouse looking for help. The girl loves to get her asshole pounded!
 The Girl Next Door
 Written and Directed by Patrick Collins
 I shot this scene over a year ago mainly 'cause I wanted to do hardcore things with Sierra! I fucked up the cum shot, but I sure had fun!
 Sodomania 8 (1994)
 Scene 1. Danyel Cheeks, Joey Silvera
 Scene 2. Danyel Cheeks, Janey Lamb, Roscoe Bowltree, Steve Thorpe
 Scene 3. Gilly Sampson, Darryl Spanner
 Scene 4. Brittania, Alberto Rey
 Scene 5. Brittania, Dale Davis, Danyel Cheeks, Domino
 Scene 6. Roxanne Hall, Steve Thorpe
 Alberto Rey
 Brittania Anal Facial
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Dale Davis LezOnly
 Danyel Cheeks Facial
 Darryl Spanner NonSex
 Domino LezOnly
 Gilly Sampson MastOnly
 Janey Lamb
 Joey Silvera
 Richard Smiles NonSex
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Roxanne Hall Shaved
 Steve Thorpe
 Norman is a deranged boy trapped in a man's body. London tart, Stephanie Hart-Rogers, jacks off her pussy just for you. A girl walks through the park in London, when she notices a stranger following her. She teases him deliberately - and in the end he finds a way for them to play. And then... there's clowns!
 Sodomania 9 (1994)
 Scene 1. Heather Lee, Tiffany Mynx, Cody Adams
 Scene 2. Vanessa Chase, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 3. Adrianna, Tara, black_guy, Cesar, Joey Silvera
 Scene 4. Tara, Joey Silvera
 Scene 5. Michaela Adkins, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 6. Krysti Lynn, Guy DiSilva, Jon Dough, Mark Davis
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Cody Adams
 Guy DiSilva
 Heather Lee
 Joey Silvera
 Jon Dough
 Krysti Lynn Anal Facial
 Mark Davis
 Michaela Adkins
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Tiffany Mynx Anal Facial
 Vanessa Chase Facial
 Fifty-Five Sperm Splattered Scenes! From petty thievery to cum drenching penetration! This SODOMANIA offers sex - sometimes twisted, but always satisfying. From older men and younger women to jailhouse studs and a filthy cop! And on top of all of that, you have the BBG! you figure it out.
Sodomania 10 (1995)
 Scene 1. Sindy Clair, Christoph Clark
 Scene 2. Cody O'Connor, Vanessa Chase, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 3. Krisztina, Christoph Clark
 Scene 4. Lulu, Monique Covet
 Scene 5. Sindy Clair, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 6. Cristina Valenti, Christoph Clark
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Charlz NonSex
 Christoph Clark
 Cody O'Connor AnalToy
 Krisztina Anal Facial
 Lulu LezOnly
 Monique Covet LezOnly
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Sindy Clair Anal Facial A2M
 Cristina Valenti (Credited: Tina Schwarz) Anal Facial A2M
 Vanessa Chase Anal Facial
 The Sodomania series from its inception has existed as a venue to bring the viewer a wider array of choices both in content and characters. As with most everything else, sometimes it works better than others. This group of six short stories works as well as any other to date. I hope you will feel the same way.
 Sodomania 11 (1995)
 Scene 1. Georgina, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 2. Jacqueline Wild, Monica Orsini
 Scene 3. Eniko Wrabel, Cristina Valenti, Christoph Clark
 Scene 4. Jenteal, Melissa Monet
 Scene 5. Dina Pearl, Olga Lovi, Attila Schuster, Zoltan Kabai
 Scene 6. Ildiko, Jacqueline Wild, Christoph Clark
 Scene 7. Jacqueline Wild, Christoph Clark
 Dina Pearl (Credited: Andrea) Anal
 Eniko Wrabel
 Attila Schuster (Credited: Atilla)
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Christoph Clark
 Georgina Anal
 Jacqueline Wild (Credited: Jacqueline) Anal
 Jenteal (Credited: Jen Teal) LezOnly
 Melissa Monet LezOnly
 Monica Orsini (Credited: Monika) LezOnly
 Olga Lovi (Credited: Olga)
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Cristina Valenti (Credited: Tina Schwarz) Anal
 Zoltan Kabai
 "In Your Face" is an international, cum drenching, face fucking, asshole slamming kaleidoscope! Beautiful girls from Europe! Five different girls getting fucked in the ass! Tits and asses of perfection! A nipple lovers delight! And, of course, pretty toes getting sucked and fucked! I had so much fun! Imagine how I felt when I met Georgina at a casting call!!! Her body is one of the all-time best I've ever seen, touched, fucked and sucked!!!
 Sodomania 12 (1995)
 Scene 1. Nici Sterling, Nicole Lace, Alex Sanders, Jon Dough
 Scene 2. Shonna Lynn, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 3. Micky Lynn, Sophia Ferrari, Tom Byron, Tony Montana, TT Boy
 Scene 4. Bianca, Vanessa Chase, Joey Silvera
 Scene 5. Gina Rome, Claudio, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 6. Nancy Vee, Jon Dough
 Alex Sanders
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Gina Rome Facial Swallow
 Joey Silvera
 Jon Dough
 Micky Lynn (Credited: Mikki Lynn) Anal Facial
 Nancy Vee Anal Facial
 Nici Sterling Anal Squirt
 Nicole Lace Anal Facial
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Shonna Lynn Anal Facial
 Sophia Ferrari (Credited: Sofia Ferrari) Anal DP
 Tom Byron
 Tony Montana
 TT Boy
 Vanessa Chase Anal
 AVN Top 500 - The object of this video is to provide the viewer with creative visualization... A.K.A. Raw Filth! Definition is in the mind of the beholder (and is felt in the hole behind her). In all seriousness, what we have here are fantasies, portrayed by Actors. Its appeal is more in its forbidden nature than in the physiological attributes of said actors. What makes it forbidden? Like I said Definition is in the mind of the beholder.
 Sodomania 13 (1995)
Scene 1. Channone, Peter North
 Scene 2. Nici Sterling, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 3. Sid Deuce, Alex Sanders
 Scene 4. Catarina, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 5. Micky Lynn, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 6. Lana Sands, Marc Wallice
 Alex Sanders
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Channone Anal Facial
 Lana Sands Anal
 Marc Wallice
 Micky Lynn (Credited: Micki Lynn) Facial
 Nici Sterling Facial
 Peter North
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Sid Deuce Facial Swallow
 From French filly Channone, Brazilian beauty Catarina, and British bombshell Nici Sterling, Sodomania 13 is an asshole-reaming, cum-drinking fuckfest from beginning to end! Sid Deuce sizzles and Mikki Lynn comes right into your room. Let me know how far you get before you "squirt"!
 Sodomania 14 (1995)
 Scene 1. Channone, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 2. Stefania Sartori, Mike Foster
 Scene 3. Mary, Mike Foster
 Scene 4. Gaia Borromeo, John Stagliano, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 5. Channone, Shelby Stevens
 Scene 6. Penelope, Philippe Dean
 Scene 7. Eva Malm, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 8. Bernadette Manfredi, Elizabeth King, Attila Schuster, Francesco Malcom
 Attila Schuster (Credited: Atilla)
 Bernadette Manfredi (Credited: Bernadette) Anal Facial A2M
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Channone Facial
 Elizabeth King Anal Facial DP Bald A2M
 Eva Malm (Credited: Evil Eve) Facial
 Francesco Malcom (Credited: Franco Trulli)
 Gaia Borromeo (Credited: Gaya) Facial Bald
 John Stagliano
 Mary BJOnly Facial
 Mike Foster
 Philippe Dean
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Shelby Stevens LezOnly
 Stefania Sartori Anal
 Innocent? I don't think so! Watch this international collection of bitches including French whores, Hungarian harlots, Swedish babes...and an American slut too! You'll love Eva, Pen
Sodomania 15 (1995)
 Scene 1. Nici Sterling, Wilde Oscar
 Scene 2. Alexia, Bianca, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 3. Alise Mell, Julia Larot, Attila Schuster
 Scene 4. Stephanie, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 5. Missy, Veronica Lain, Jon Dough, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 6. Alex Dane, Nici Sterling, Mark Davis
 Alex Dane Anal Facial CumSwap A2M
 Alexia Facial
 Alise Mell (Credited: Alisa) Facial
 Attila Schuster (Credited: Attlia Shuster)
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Jon Dough (Credited: John Dough)
 Julia Larot (Credited: Julia) Anal Facial
 Mark Davis
 Missy BJOnly Facial
 Nici Sterling Anal Facial CumSwap A2M
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Stephanie Facial
 Vegas Vic NonSex
 Veronica Lain (Credited: Veronica Lane) BJOnly Facial
 Wilde Oscar
 Herein are scenes that will test your limits! Fantasies that will take you to hidden places! If you are offended by graphic depictions of taboo subjects portrayed convincingly by professional actors, do not watch this tape! If you have any shame regarding your sexuality, do not watch this tape! This is a look at the shadowy side of the human psyche and is not intended for the faint of heart!
 Sodomania 16 (1996)
Scene 1. Illana Moore, Frank Thring
 Scene 2. Lovette, Mark Davis, Tom Byron
 Scene 3. Kiss, Jeremy
 Scene 4. Celine Devoux, Scarlett
 Scene 5. Cierra Brooks, Lana Sands
 Scene 6. Cierra Brooks, Sophia Ferrari, Paul Coxxx, Ron Jeremy
 Al Terengo NonSex
 Celine Devoux LezOnly
 Cierra Brooks LezOnly
 Frank Thring
 Illana Moore Anal
 Kiss Anal Facial
 Lana Sands LezOnly Bald
 Lovette Anal Facial DP
 Mark Davis
 Paul Coxxx
 Ron Jeremy
 Scarlett LezOnly
 Sophia Ferrari Anal Facial DP
 Tom Byron
 AVN Top 500 - WARNING: Highly Explosive!! It's "Sodomania 16 - Sexxy Pistols!" from those saintly perverts at Elegant Angel! Loaded guns are always dangerous in the wrong hands! Cum check out...the BEAUTIFUL ASSES...the PETITE FEET...the NATURAL TITS...and LOADS of CUM!! Enjoy!
 Sodomania 17 (1996)
 Scene 1. Kethrin Brut, Martin Stone, Santino Lee
 Scene 2. Belinda Bayer, Zoltan
 Scene 3. Monika Kiss, Anthony Hardwood
 Scene 4. Giongy Fodor, Margot Kidney, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 5. Nikki Brantz, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron
 Scene 6. Anita Blond, Suzy Cat, Martin Stone, Santino Lee
 DVD Bonus. Roxanne Hall, guy, Kurt Lockwood, Kyle Stone, Tyler Wood
 Al Terengo
 Monika Kiss (Credited: Angelica) Anal Facial A2M
 Anita Blond (Credited: Anita Blonde) Facial IR
 Giongy Fodor
 Belinda Bayer Anal
 Kethrin Brut Anal IR
 Kurt Lockwood DVDOnly
 Kyle Stone DVDOnly
 Marc Wallice NonSex
 Margot Kidney (Credited: Margot) Facial
 Martin Stone
 Nikki Brantz Anal Facial DP Bald IR
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Roxanne Hall BJOnly Facial DVDOnly
 Santino Lee
 Sean Michaels
 Anthony Hardwood
 Suzy Cat Facial IR
 Tom Byron
 Tyler Wood DVDOnly
 Well, well, well! What can I say that I haven't said before? That it's hot! Or perverse! That there's a ton of anal! Maybe multiple orgasms!
 Well let's just say that I've got as much righteous jack-off footage in this tape as any I've ever had in over 6 years! 'Nuff said.

 Sodomania 18 (1996)
 Scene 1. Nyrobi, Tiffany Mynx, Tom Byron
 Scene 2. Shawnee G., Johnny B.
 Scene 3. Alyssa Allure, Naomi, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 4. Johnni Black, Tom Byron
 Scene 5. Darian Laquoix, Holly Hummer, Janai, Shane Tyler, Peter North, Santino Lee, Tom Byron
 Al Terengo NonSex
 Alyssa Allure Anal
 Darian Laquoix Facial IR
 Holly Hummer Anal Facial IR
 Janai Anal IR
 Johnni Black Anal Facial
 Johnny B.
 Naomi Facial
 Nyrobi Anal
 Peter North
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Santino Lee
 Shane Tyler Anal Facial A2M IR
 Shawnee G.
 Tiffany Mynx LezOnly
 Tom Byron
 This film has two scenes from Europe and other very special scenes from the good old USA, so you get the best of both countries. Very horny girls find that fucking, giving some head and masturbating turns them into a frenzy of grunting, groaning, licking and moaning whores. You can't go wrong with the 5th edition of Sodomania! So cum on in!
 Sodomania 19 (1996)

 Scene 1. Nico Treasures, Julian St. Jox
 Scene 2. Lauren Montgomery, Keith
 Scene 3. Lyndsey Allen, Mila, Rick Masters
 Scene 4. Chandler, Christian Steele
 Scene 5. Lil Bit, Buck Adams
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Buck Adams
 Chandler Anal Facial A2M
 Christian Steele
 Julian St. Jox
 Lauren Montgomery Anal
 Lil Bit Facial
 Lyndsey Allen A2M
 Mila Anal A2M
 Nico Treasures Facial Shaved IR
 Rick Masters
 Roscoe Bowltree NonSex
 It seems like only yesterday Elegant Angel was hammering out the first edition of Sodomania with the nastiest, most perverted stuff on the market, and we were rubbing our meat monsters off to their dirty girls. Now four years later, Sodomania 19 proves they've still got what it takes! This time they bring you six Sweet Cream ladies who are not afraid to do anything to make you cum; from the lustful Nico Treasures to the shy but daring Lil' Bit, the sultry Lauren Montgomery to unbelievably filthy Mila (this girl is nuts!), and blossoming starlets Chandler and Lyndsey Allen. How much more perverted can you get than lusty virgins, horny office secretaries and the like? I'm ready to find out!
Sodomania 20 (1997)
 Scene 1. Anita Blond, TT Boy
 Scene 2. Leanna Heart, Tom Byron
 Scene 3. Anita Dark, Sean Michaels
 Scene 4. Alexandra Silk, Reinhardt, Zenza Raggi
 Scene 5. Raven McCall, TT Boy
 DVD Bonus. Roxanne Hall, guy, Kurt Lockwood, Kyle Stone, Tyler Wood
 Alexandra Silk Anal Facial DP
 Andrew Load NonSex
 Anita Blond Facial
 Anita Dark IR
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Kurt Lockwood DVDOnly
 Kyle Stone DVDOnly
 Leanna Heart Facial
 Raven McCall Anal Facial A2M
 Roxanne Hall BJOnly Facial DVDOnly
 Sean Michaels
 Tom Byron
 TT Boy
 Tyler Wood DVDOnly
 Zenza Raggi
 Neighborhood Watch: When tall, leggy, Anita Blonde, goes into the garden for her first fag of the day, her nosy neighbor, TT Boy, points out the dangers of smoking and gives her something meatier to suck on. Tough shag up against the tree is really what she needs. Body Double: Things go wrong in the sex toy warehouse when thick packer, Tom Byron, overdoses on 'pecker pills' and starts to hallucinate. Playing second fiddle to an inflatable dolly may not be very flattering but a damn good dicking from the maestro himself probably soothed Leanna Hart's injured pride. Mallice in Chains: Stunning black haired Anita Dark and black stud Sean Michaels act out their 'Slave and Master' fantasies. Later they will change roles and he will become her slave. Right Place at the Right Time: Short skirted slut, Alexandra Silk, phones Roscoe at just the right time. She wants to audition for a porno movie and he has two European studs in his office ready and willing to give her a go. Epic anal and double penetration makes this a genuine test of the girl's suitability. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Home alone housewife, Raven McCall, is frightened by the scary but harmless local retard, TT Boy. The thought that he might be an escaped predator clearly appeals to her deepest, darkest fantasies and he reacts by turning into the aggressive sexual pervert she wants him to be. She lets him fuck her in the ass then takes his spurting cock in her mouth.
 Sodomania 21 (1997)
 Scene 1. Nellie Pierce, Tonisha Mills, Tom Byron
 Scene 2. Seduction, Frank Gun, John Walton
 Scene 3. Donna Warner, Michael J. Cox
 Scene 4. Roxanne Hall, John Decker
 Scene 5. Chloe, Mia Ciccero, Julian St. Jox
 Andrew Load NonSex
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Chloe Facial Bald IR
 Donna Warner Anal Facial
 Frank Gun
 John Decker
 John Walton
 Julian St. Jox
 Mia Ciccero Anal Facial IR
 Michael J. Cox
 Nellie Pierce Anal Facial
 Roxanne Hall Anal Bald
 Seduction Anal Facial
 Toby Dammit NonSex
 Tom Byron
 Tonisha Mills Facial
Sodomania 22 (1997)

Scene 1. Louise Sherry, Roxanne Hall, Michael J. Cox
 Scene 2. Alex Dane, Paisley Hunter
 Scene 3. Raylin, Jules Jordan
 Scene 4. Dominiece, Tatiana
 Scene 5. Stephanie Swift, Marc Wallice
 Alex Dane LezOnly
 Louise Sherry (Credited: Cherrie LaVeaux) Anal
 Dominiece LezOnly
 Jules Jordan
 Marc Wallice
 Michael J. Cox
 Michael Bernini (Credited: Michele Capozzi) NonSex
 Paisley Hunter LezOnly
 Raylin Anal Facial
 Roxanne Hall Anal Bald
 Stephanie Swift Anal Facial
 Tatiana LezOnly
 Van Damage NonSex
 "Sodomania 22 The Other Guys", is a grouping of five vignettes directed by five different producers, each with their own unique style... and all in that widely acclaimed sodomania fashion. Eight girls, five anals, an abundance of pretty feet and toe sucking... plus some distinctly bizarre situations.
 Sodomania 23 (1998)

 Scene 1. Erika Bella, Mark Davis
 Scene 2. Jessica Darlin, Sean Michaels
 Scene 3. Inari Vachs, Tom Byron
 Scene 4. Peris Bleau, Van Damage
 Scene 5. Brooke Ashley, John West, Mr. Marcus, Steve Taylor
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Brooke Ashley Anal Facial IR
 Dion Giarusso NonSex
 Erika Bella (Credited: Erica Bella) Anal Facial
 Frank Thring NonSex
 Inari Vachs Anal
 Jessica Darlin Anal Facial Bald IR
 John West
 Mark Davis
 Mr. Marcus
 Peris Bleau Anal Facial
 Roscoe Bowltree NonSex
 Sean Michaels
 Steve Taylor
 Tom Byron
 Van Damage
 SEX! Depraved to the xxxtreme! Or is it?!? What you see is not who you are...or is it? No, these girls are in fact addicted to anal sex! One girl's knees buckle and her pussy drips when Nacho pushes his cock all the way up her tight ass! This you gotta see to believe!
Sodomania 24 (1998)
 Scene 1. Raylin, Vince Vouyer
 Scene 2. Erika Bella, Peter North
 Scene 3. Taylor Moore, Earl Slate
 Scene 4. Ashley Dawn, Ashley Renee, Jessica Darlin
 Scene 5. Jessica Jewel, Raquel Devine, Tiffany Mynx, Vince Vouyer
 Ashley Dawn LezOnly
 Ashley Renee LezOnly
 Earl Slate
 Erika Bella (Credited: Erica Bella) Anal Facial
 Jessica Darlin LezOnly
 Jessica Jewel Facial
 Peter North
 Raquel Devine Facial
 Raylin Anal
 Roscoe Bowltree NonSex
 Sean Michaels NonSex
 Taylor Moore Anal Facial
 Tiffany Mynx Facial
 Tye NonSex
 Vince Vouyer
 Winner of the Best Vignette Release for 1998, The 24th installment in the Sodomania series has a bevy of top talent performing at peak levels and with particularly good chemistry.
 You've heard the phrase, "being reborn?" Well, that applies to sex, too. Lately, I haven't shot as much tease as I used to and boy, Do I love tease! There's a lot of it in Sodomania 24-guaranteed to keep your dicks and pussies drippin' long before the hardcore happens. If you're like me, and you like tease, this tape's for you! As always, let me know what you think. - Patrick Collins
 Sodomania 25 (1998)
 Scene 1. Judith Kostner, Frank Gun
 Scene 2. Bolivia Samsonite, Leslie Taylor
 Scene 3. Barbara Rose, Frank Gun, Mike Foster
 Scene 4. Cyndy, Emanuell, Nick Lang
 Scene 5. Greta Milos, Katy Parker, Rebecca Blonde, Frank Gun, Leslie Taylor, Nick Lang
 Barbara Rose (Credited: Barbara) Anal Facial DP
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Cyndy (Credited: Cindy) Facial
 Emanuell (Credited: Emanuel) Anal Facial
 Frank Gun
 Greta Milos (Credited: Greta) Facial A2M
 Katy Parker (Credited: Katee) Anal DP
 Leslie Taylor
 Mike Foster
 Nick Lang
 Bolivia Samsonite (Credited: Rachael Teez) Facial
 Rebecca Blonde Anal DP A2M
 Judith Kostner (Credited: Vanda) Anal Facial A2M
 Nubile beauties, the world over, celebrate freedom from schoolwork and those teacher's stupid rules in a variety of ways, mostly sexual. These fresh-faced fillies take it deep in the ass, throat and cunt. Messy facials and more...This XXX hardcore Gonzo video quickly turns into a full-fledged fuck-and-suck-a-thon. With Prof. Nasty heading up an international cast of sex hungry students!
 Sodomania 26 (1998)
 Scene 1. Nikki Blue, Frank Gun
 Scene 2. Monica Cameron, Szilvia, John Walton
 Scene 3. Angela Ambrus, Mike Foster
 Scene 4. Wanda Curtis, Natasha Rutska, Nick Lang
 Scene 5. Szilvia, Bob Terminator
 Scene 6. Laura Black, John Walton
 Angela Ambrus (Credited: Angie) NonSex
 Laura Black (Credited: Eva Black) Anal
 Frank Gun
 Bob Terminator
 John Walton
 Mike Foster
 Monica Cameron (Credited: Monic) Facial A2M
 Wanda Curtis (Credited: Najna) Anal Facial
 Natasha Rutska (Credited: Natalyn) Anal Facial
 Nick Lang
 Nikki Blue Anal Facial
 Szilvia (Credited: Sylvia) Anal Facial
 In the past I have used the SODOMANIA series as a vehicle to introduce new talent and unusual situations to you. This SODOMANIA is no different! Sandwiched between some of the hottest and filthiest performances ever, we introduce Angie, a gorgeous euro-penthouse cover girl in our first soft-core scene. She doesn't take it on camera, but she gives all you need with her incredible squirming performance. On the lighter side Al Seimers, traumatized as a child, and suffering from spells of TML (temporary memory loss) finds himself in the difficult situation of having beautiful women take complete advantage of him, whether he knows it or not, he seems to like it. Definitely for your asshole connoisseurs! 5 anals & 7 centerfold quality girls in over two hours of extra ordinary smut!
 Sodomania 27 (1998)
Scene 1. Blondie Anderson, Mark Davis
 Scene 2. Zora Banx, John Walton
 Scene 3. Laura Black, Monica Cameron
 Scene 4. Bolivia Samsonite, Frank Gun
 Scene 5. Kary Evers, Alex Sanders
 Scene 6. Monica Cameron, Melory Jane, Nikki Anderson, Frank Gun, John Walton
Alex Sanders
 Blondie Anderson Facial
 Bolivia Samsonite
 Eva Mercedes Anal
 Frank Gun
 John Walton
 Kary Evers
 Laura Black LezOnly
 Mark Davis
 Monica Cameron Anal
 Melory Jane
 Nikki Anderson Anal DP
 Zora Banx Anal
 "Doctor, please, my eyes have seen the error of my ways!" Here in SodoMania 27, we join a gentleman (Al Seimers) who experiences a rather severe case of dementia. You'll see him hospitalized for the deafening injuries suffered from an ill-timed "match" - yet, in the end, our victim seems to suffer in a way we'd all be happy to suffer in his stead. Anals and sex-crazed nurses are but a small sampling of the bizarre goings on in this video. On top of all the beautiful girls and screaming orgasms, we have a taboo fantasy of a cute young blonde (aptly named Blondie Anderson) and her step dad, plus much more!
Sodomania 28 (1999)
 Scene 1. Danielle Rodgers, Randy Spears
 Scene 2. Blondie Anderson, Jon Dough
 Scene 3. Suzy Q., John Walton
 Scene 4. Alison, Amanda, Jane
 Scene 5. Phyllisha Anne, Mark Davis
 Scene 6. Phaedra Alexis, Alex Sanders
 Alex Sanders
 Alison NonSex
 Amanda NonSex
 Blondie Anderson
 Danielle Rodgers Anal
 Jane NonSex
 John Walton
 Jon Dough
 Mark Davis
 Phaedra Alexis
 Phyllisha Anne Anal Facial
 Randy Spears
 Suzy Q. Facial Shaved
 AVN Top 500 - Move over Prez, you are not the only one with a tainted reputation! In fact, our SLATE OF SLASH might just move you out of the headlines. So perverted are these TWISTED TARTS, that reforming them would be about as unlikely as reforming you! But don't worry; the depraved tales that emerge from these "CLASS ASSES" will have Ken Starr reaching for his own!!!
Sodomania 29 (1999)

 Scene 1. Elle, Katie, Randy Spears
 Scene 2. Layla Jade
 Scene 3. Nina Whett, Tyce Bune
 Scene 4. Angel Paris
 Scene 5. Melissa Deep, Nicole Haag, Johnny T.
 Scene 6. Layla Jade, Dick Nasty
 Angel Paris MastOnly
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Dick Nasty
 John McSinson NonSex
 Johnny T.
 Layla Jade Anal Facial
 Melissa Deep (Credited: Melissa) Facial
 Nicole Haag (Credited: Nicky Gold) Facial
 Nina Whett Anal
 Randy Spears
 Roscoe Bowltree NonSex
 Tyce Bune
 Sometimes, we do things we don't want anyone else to know about. It's odd, but they seem to be the very things we enjoy the most... from the forbidden encounter with your girlfriend's step daddy to the perverse daydream a father about his daughter and more! Dirty little secrets... that's what this trip was all about. You can't imagine how filthy the minds of these girls really are!
Sodomania 30 (1999)

 Scene 1. Jenny, Kate More, Zenza Raggi
 Scene 2. Patricia, guy
 Scene 3. Jessica, Vivien Martines, John Walton, Nick Lang
 Scene 4. Krystal De Boor, Dries Breyne
 Scene 5. Olga, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 6. Claudia, Julia Taylor, Katy Parker, Frank Gun, Nick Lang
 Scene 3 is strictly softcore.
 Dries Breyne
 Frank Gun
 Jessica NonSex
 John Walton
 Julia Taylor Anal
 Kate More
 Katy Parker Anal A2M
 Krystal De Boor
 Nick Lang
 Olga Facial
 Patricia (Credited: Patricie) BJOnly Facial
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Vivien Martines (Credited: Vivien) NonSex
 Zenza Raggi
 Hard Times...Who knows better than I? You people have probably never considered how difficult life can be when you're in a foreign country surrounded by beautiful girls who's job it is to have sex! Decisions...decisions...decisions! Somehow I managed to suffer through it...for who? For you! Hard times are here to stay - enjoy!
 Sodomania 31 (1999)

 Scene 1. Alena, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 2. Vanda
 Scene 3. Carmen Moore, Julia Taylor, Karli Sweet, John Walton, Mike Foster, Zenza Raggi
 Scene 4. Cindy Kay, Vivien Martines, John Walton
 Scene 5. Diana, Olga, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 6. Caramel, Envy, Kenya, Sonya Redd, Zarah Lee, Brandon Iron, Herschel Savage, James Bonn, Kyle Stone, Santino Lee
 Brandon Iron
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Cindy Kay
 Diana LezOnly Fisting
 Carmen Moore (Credited: Gabriella) Anal
 Herschel Savage
 James Bonn
 Joe Rodgers
 John Walton
 Julia Taylor Anal DP
 Karli Sweet Anal Facial
 Kyle Stone
 Mike Foster
 Olga LezOnly
 Roscoe Bowltree
 Santino Lee
 Sonya Redd
 Vivien Martines (Credited: Vivien)
 Vanda (Credited: Wanda) MastOnly
 Zarah Lee
 Zenza Raggi
 In this international soiree we have deep penetration in all dark tunnels along with creamy facials, slathered gashes and spewing pricks! Mouths and assholes open wide to receive the frenzied frothing of philandering fuckers from around the globe. Trust us, this is a great one!
 Sodomania 32 (2000)
Scene 1. Emma Johnson, Martina Mercedes, Reinhardt, Zenza Raggi
 Scene 2. Sylvia, Frank Gun, John Walton
 Scene 3. Beautinna, Teena, Leslie Taylor
 Scene 4. Sophia Ferrari, Frank Towers
 Scene 5. Alysin Embers, Charlene Aspen, Regan Starr, Ryan Conner, Axle Hose, Joel Lawrence, Mark Davis
 Alysin Embers Anal
 Axle Hose
 Beautinna (Credited: Blondy) Anal Facial
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Charlene Aspen
 Frank Gun
 Frank Towers
 Joel Lawrence
 John Walton
 Emma Johnson (Credited: Laura) Facial
 Leslie Taylor
 Mark Davis
 Martina Mercedes Anal Facial
 Regan Starr
 Ryan Conner
 Sophia Ferrari  BJOnly
 Sylvia Facial
 Teena (Credited: Tina)
 Zenza Raggi
 Ten incredibly beautiful debutantes take on their male counterparts in this carnally induced battle of the sexes!!! Tease and rejection play big parts in establishing who the real winners are and who gets to mount their trophies (literally)!!! From two European class asses refusing to give it up to persistent EuroDog Stalkers to an all out orgy brought on by "sordid acts of the past", make this edition of Sodomania truly a "Survival of the Fittest"!!!
 Sodomania 33 (2000)

 Scene 1. Dru Berrymore, Rafe
 Scene 2. Eva Falk, Tavalia Griffin, Roberto Malone
 Scene 3. Maeva Exel, Nomi, Philippe Dean
 Scene 4. Chipy Marlow, Philippe Dean, Steve Marlow
 Scene 5. Bianka Romanova, Jack Slater
 Bianka Romanova Anal Facial
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Chipy Marlow Anal
 Dru Berrymore Anal Facial
 Eva Falk
 Jack Slater
 Maeva Exel Facial
 Nomi Anal Facial
 Philippe Dean
 Roberto Malone
 Steve Marlow
 Tavalia Griffin
 From a jilted lover being stalked by a stranger, two charming playmates being confronted by the strange man next door, to a wife's insatiable appetite for a stranger's cock, Sodomania "Strange Days" conjures up an anally dominant psychotic thriller!! As always, let us know what you think!!!
 Sodomania 34 (2000)
 Scene 1. Dominica Leoni, Nacho Vidal
 Scene 2. Betty Bell, Gilles Stuart, Kevin Long
 Scene 3. Aleksandra, Martine, Titof
 Scene 4. Tiffany Mason, Randy Spears
 Scene 5. Angelica Sin, Dominica Leoni, Justine Romee, Keisha, Kelsey Heart, Phyllisha Anne, Regan Starr, Billy Glide, Herschel Savage, Joel Lawrence, Lexington Steele, Rich Handsome, Tyce Bune
 Aleksandra Anal Facial
 Angelica Sin Anal Facial A2M IR
 Betty Bell Anal Facial DP
 Billy Glide (Credited: Billy Glyde)
 Brockton O'Toole  NonSex
 Dominica Leoni Anal Facial IR
 Gilles Stuart
 Herschel Savage (Credited: Hershel Savage)
 Joel Lawrence
 Justine Romee Anal Facial IR
 Keisha Anal Facial
 Kelsey Heart (Credited: Kelsey) Anal Facial
 Kevin Long
 Lexington Steele
 Nacho Vidal
 Phyllisha Anne Anal Facial IR
 Randy Spears
 Regan Starr Anal Facial IR
 Rich Handsome
 Roscoe Bowltree NonSex
 Tiffany Mason Facial Swallow
 Tyce Bune
 Sodomania 34 "81.8% Anal" is exactly that - 9 of 11 of these gorgeous women engage in some of the most passionate & intense anal sex of their young lives. If you're looking for your average porno, don't stop here! But, if you're looking for the best that gonzo has to offer - amazing anal sex, the most beautiful women, a huge orgy, & enough cum to fill your living room...then this is for you!
 Sodomania 35 (2001)
 Scene 1. Dina Pearl, Robert Mester
 Scene 2. Catherine Count, Lea De Mae, George Uhl
 Scene 3. Nikky Blond, Renato
 Scene 4. Mariah Milano, Paige Sinclair, Mark Davis
 Scene 5. Sylvia Laurent, Frank Gun
 Robert Mester (Credited: Alex)
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Catherine Count Facial
 Dina Pearl Anal Facial A2M
 Frank Gun
 George Uhl
 Lea De Mae Facial
 Mariah Milano
 Mark Davis
 Nikky Blond (Credited: Niki Blond) Anal Facial Bald A2M
 Paige Sinclair Facial Bald
 Sylvia Laurent (Credited: Sharone) Facial
 Every girl has a different approach to sex. Some are curious, some are demanding, some are intimidated, and some just jump right in. It's all in the way they express themselves and in this edition of Sodomania those "Shades of Expression" are not only uncovered, but also prominently displayed!
 Sodomania 36 (2001)
 Scene 1. Dany Ricci, Stacy Silver, George Uhl, guy
 Scene 2. Sandra Kay, Michael
 Scene 3. Isabella, Bobi, George Uhl
 Scene 4. Isabella, Stacy Silver, Johnny Slovak
 Scene 5. Claudia DeMoro, Jessica May, Sandra Russo, George Uhl, guy, Peter Rain
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Claudia DeMoro
 Dany Ricci (Credited: Dany) Facial
 George Uhl
 Isabella Facial DPP
 Jessica May Anal DP
 Johnny Slovak
 Peter Rain
 Sandra Kay Anal Facial A2M
 Sandra Russo Anal
 Stacy Silver (Credited: Stacy) Anal Facial
 Patrick Collins and Elegant Angel proudly present the 36th installment of Sodomania - Up Your Ass. The Chatsworth Informer says, "This is one nasty booty bustin' bonanza!!" If you're a true pervert you're gonna love this! To the hilt anal! And most importantly girls who love sex! Check out the saucy headshots!
 Sodomania 37 (2002)

 Scene 1. Krystal De Boor, Franco Roccaforte, Toni Ribas
 Scene 2. Veronika Vanoza, Pavel Novotny
 Scene 3. Daisy Chain, Mark Davis
 Scene 4. Marcela, Johnny Slovak
 Scene 5. Carmen, Janet Peron, Petra Lamas, Meri, 3 guys, George Uhl
 Bobi (Credited: Boby)
 Daisy Chain Facial
 Franco Roccaforte
 Janet Peron
 George Uhl
 Johnny Slovak
 Kevin Long
 Krystal De Boor Anal Facial DP IR
 Petra Lamas (Credited: Krystyna) Facial
 Marcela Anal Facial A2M
 Mark Davis
 Pavel Novotny
 Veronika Vanoza (Credited: Sabina) Facial
 Toni Ribas
 Daisy Chain crosses the line and leaves it up to Mark Davis and Krystal Deboor to pull Tom Ribis out of the closet. Marcella spins her web around a filthy gardener, and all of our young debutantes prove that "good" girls can be "BAD TO THE BONE"! As always, let me know what you think ~ Patrick Collins
 Sodomania 38 (2002)
 Scene 1. Felecia, Jade Hsu, Roxanne Hall, Sophie Evans
 Scene 2. Judy Star, Brett Rockman
 Scene 3. Belladonna, Calli Cox, Talon
 Scene 4. Brandi Lyons, Judy Star, Rick Masters, Scott Lyons
 Scene 5. Brittney Skye, Taylor St. Claire, Marty Romano
 Scene 6. Rayna Foxx, Mr. Chris
 DVD Bonus. Danielle Rodgers, Randy Spears
 Belladonna Anal Facial
 Brandi Lyons Anal Facial DP Bald
 Brett Rockman
 Brittney Skye
 Brockton O'Toole NonSex
 Calli Cox Facial
 Danielle Rodgers Anal DVDOnly
 Felecia LezOnly
 Jade Hsu (Credited: Jade) LezOnly
 Judy Star Anal Facial Bald Swallow A2M
 Marty Romano
 Mr. Chris
 Randy Spears DVDOnly
 Rayna Foxx (Credited: Rayna Foxxx) Facial Bald
 Rick Masters
 Roxanne Hall LezOnly Bald
 Scott Lyons
 Sophie Evans LezOnly
 Taylor St. Claire
 This is a special release featuring six different directors creating six unique perceptions of what makes them horny. What you get here are eleven dick draining divas including one very sexy squirter!! 'Nuff said... As always let me know what you think.- Patrick Collins
 Sodomania 39 (2002)
 Scene 1. Ann Marie Rios, Bella-Marie Wolf, Mark Davis
 Scene 2. Trinity, Manuel Ferrara
 Scene 3. Rayna Foxx, Anthony Hardwood
 Scene 4. Ella, guy
 Scene 5. Cindy Crawford, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes
 Scene 6. Cindy Crawford, Judy Star, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes
 Ann Marie Rios
 Anthony Hardwood
 Bella-Marie Wolf Anal
 Cindy Crawford Facial
 Ella Anal
 Judy Star Anal Facial DP
 Manuel Ferrara
 Mark Davis
 Rayna Foxx
 Steve Holmes
 Trinity Anal
 Elegant Angel presents "Sodomania 39: Wetter Than Ever!" starring Ann Marie, Bella Marie Wolfe, Cindy Crawford, Ella, Judt Star, Rayna Foxxx and Trinity. Flirting, asserting, and squirting are just a few of the words to describe the drenching performances of our voraciously hungry horn-blowers ... all wetter than ever with a dripping desire to soak your sausage!!
 Sodomania 40 (2003) 
Scene 1. Mandy Bright, Rio Mariah, Frank Gun
 Scene 2. Lynn Stone, George Uhl, Johnny Slovak
 Scene 3. Cassie Young, Nacho Vidal
 Scene 4. Victoria Lee, Jeff, Sascha
 Scene 5. Angel Long, Frazer Fox
 Angel Long Anal Facial A2M
 Cassie Young Facial Squirt
 Frank Gun
 Frazer Fox
 George Uhl
 Johnny Slovak
 Lynn Stone Anal Facial DP
 Mandy Bright
 Nacho Vidal
 Rio Mariah Anal A2M
 Victoria Lee Anal Facial DP
 These anal whores are taking everything: tongues, fingers, pink beads, plugs, and of course giant throbbing cocks. Hot chicks fucking and sucking everything they can reach in this hot film that starts out with a little hot wax treatment and then gives scene after scene of amazing ass and pussy slamming, including double penetrations. And don't miss the loads dribbling of their chins when these guys are done.
 Sodomania 41 (2003)
 Scene 1. Mary Kate Ashley, Mason Storm, Dick Nasty
 Scene 2. Lauren Phoenix, Mick Blue
 Scene 3. Korina, Sascha
 Scene 4. Ava Devine, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Dick Tracy, guy, Joe Monti, Tony Sexton
 Scene 5. Lori Pleasure, Noname Jane, Burke
 Arnold Schwartzenpecker
 Ava Devine BJOnly Facial
 Dick Nasty
 Dick Tracy
 Joe Monti
 Korina Anal Facial
 Lauren Phoenix Anal Facial A2M
 Lori Pleasure
 Mary Kate Ashley Facial
 Mason Storm
 Mick Blue
 Tony Sexton
 Noname Jane (Credited: Violet Blue) Creampie
 Once again, Elegant has put together the finest award-winning directors to capture pure smut! Diversity and depravity! Real orgasms! These sluts take it in every hole and they love it!
 Sodomania 42 (2003)
 Scene 1. Alicia Rhodes, Melanie Jagger, Randy Spears
 Scene 2. Jassie, Arnold Schwartzenpecker
 Scene 3. Katin, Brett Rockman
 Scene 4. Christie Lee, Ron Jeremy
 Scene 5. Cytherea, Rita Faltoyano, Roxanne Hall, Mick Blue
 Alicia Rhodes Anal CumSwap A2M
 Arnold Schwartzenpecker
 Brett Rockman
 Christie Lee Facial
 Cytherea BJOnly Facial Squirt
 Jassie Facial
 Katin Anal Facial Bald A2M
 Melanie Jagger Anal CumSwap A2M
 Mick Blue
 Randy Spears
 Rita Faltoyano Anal A2M
 Ron Jeremy
 Roxanne Hall Anal A2M
 AVN Top 500 - This Sodomania again delivers a variety of perspectives. Alicia Rhodes and Melanie Jagger catch Randy Spears stealing panties. Of course, the girls use him to satisfy their twisted desires, then sharing a nice load, deposited first between Jagger's legs which drop nicely onto Alicia's face. The first William H. scene is pretty lame but its salvation is the unbelievably hot Jassie getting a huge load on her beautiful kisser. The second one has baby-faced Christie Lee and Ron Jeremy playing piano with his penis. And don't miss the very wet finale!
 Sodomania: Baddest of the Best (1994)
 Scene 1. Rebecca Bardoux, Peter North, Sean Michaels
 Scene 2. Beatrice Valle, Tabatha Cash, Mark Davis
 Scene 3. Nicole London, Tony Tedeschi
 Scene 4. Tiffany Mynx, Jon Dough, Randy Spears
 Scene 5. Lacy Rose, Roscoe Bowltree, Tom Byron
 Scene 6. Cody O'Connor, Francesca Le, Randy West
 Scene 7. Wendy Whoppers, Cal Jammer, Roscoe Bowltree
 Scene 8. Kitty Yung, Tiffany Mynx, Randy West
 Scene 9. Bionca, Debi Diamond, Alex Sanders, John Stagliano
 Scene 10. Cody O'Connor, Sierra, Rocco Siffredi
 Scene 11. Draghixa, Tom Byron
 Scene 1: from Sodomania 2 (1993)
 Scene 2: from Sodomania 3 (1993)
 Scene 3: from Sodomania 1 (1992)
 Scene 4: from Sodomania 3 (1993)
 Scene 5: from Bottom Dweller (1993)
 Scene 6: from Sodomania 1 (1992)
 Scene 7: from Bottom Dweller (1993)
 Scene 8: from Sodomania 5 (1993)
 Scene 9: from Sodomania 5 (1993)
 Scene 10: from Sodomania 1 (1992)
 Scene 11: from unknown
 Sodomania Gang Band Edition -- Compilation

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