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[ManyVids.com] ClaraDomme Collection - MegaPack
Close your eyes, close your mouth, close your mind and feel me own you! 
BDSM isn't just sex, nor a game, nor just a little fetish! It's about true desire, it's a passion and a lifestyle!
Being sophisticated, smart, elegant, beautiful and superior means I will most definitely love to manipulate your mind, transporting you into submission step by step, until having you totally surrendering to My desire... So immerse yourself in My universe with the hope you will manage to meet My expectations!

Genre: Pantyhose,High Heels,Ass Fetish,Feet,Soles,POV,Cum Countdown,Slut Training,Plastic Fetish,Slut Training,Submissive Sluts,Submissive Sluts,Femdom,
Cast: ClaraDomme
Clips: 405
Size: 168.610 MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 4000 min

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