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Ginger Lynn Collection - MegaPack
Born in Rockford, Illinois, on December 14, 1962, Ginger Lynn Allen went to California in 1982 to visit her ill granddad. She determined to remain and found employment as a chief at a Musicland record store in Redlands. She had lived in a trailer in one of the worst parts of the city for nearly a yr when she answered an advertisement for bod models. This led to employment the same day and a layout in Penthouse magazine. Work in the adult-film industry briefly followed. She worked in the industry from December 1983 thru February 1986, making a full of Sixty nine films (plus uncountable re-issues and compilations). She retired, partially because the work was no longer joy and she had highly lil' time off. That same yr, she was approached by the FBI to testify on behalf of Traci Lords, who had just been uncovered as having been underage during her years in the adult-film industry. She refused and was finally arrested for tax evasion. Following her years in adult flicks, she emerged in many "legit" films across the late 1980s and 1990s-- most particularly the "Vice Academy" films. She also starred in Metallica's music vid "Turn the Page." She has a son-in-law, who she gave birth to on March 24, 1996. She tours gentlemen's clubs around the country, and signed a come back deal with VCA Images in 1999. She has starred in 4 fresh adult flicks so far: Ripped (1999), Milky Lightning (2000), Fresh Beckon Call girls Six (2000) and Vom Traummann entfuhrt (2001).

Genre: Blowjob,Anal,Masturbation,Double Penetration,Classic,1980s,1990s,Hairy Pussy,Lesbian,Retro,Cunnilingus,Interracial,
Cast: Ginger Lynn
Movies: 174
Size: 188.880 MB
Duration: 15000 min

60 Minutes Of Ginger.mkv 1.09 GB
All American Girls #3, Up Up And Away.avi 1.07 GB
Ass Fucking In The 80s.wmv 1.53 GB
BEG TO CUM.wmv 125.41 MB
Back to Class.avi 695.22 MB
Ball Busters.mp4 922.45 MB
Battle Of Superstars Ginger Lynn Vs. Nina Hartley.avi 1.20 GB
Bedtime Tales.avi 640.10 MB
Between The Cheeks 1.avi 911.81 MB
Beverly Hills Cox.mkv 1.40 GB
Bitchy Bitches.avi 1.31 GB
Blacks on Cougars.avi 1.46 GB
Blame it on Ginger
Blow-off.mkv 998.22 MB
Boundaries 6.mkv 1.78 GB
Boy Meats Girl_1.avi 1.10 GB
Breastography.wmv 555.98 MB
Catfight _softcore.mp4 416.44 MB
Cavalcade Of Stars.avi 669.91 MB
Charlie's Party Girls CD1.avi 699.49 MB
Charlie's Party Girls CD2.avi 694.76 MB
China and Silk.mkv 3.68 GB
Christy Canyon vs Ginger Lynn - The Early Years.avi 1.06 GB
Club Ginger.avi 1.04 GB
Coming Of Angels 2.avi 1.37 GB
Cougar Club 2.avi 1.36 GB
Cougar Lesbians.mp4 5.12 GB
Cougars Crave Young Kittens 3.mkv 1.06 GB
Couples Bang The Babysitter #1-CD1.avi 699.55 MB
Couples Bang The Babysitter #1-CD2.avi 692.08 MB
Crime and Passion.mp4 1.53 GB
Dance Fever.mkv 922.61 MB
Deep Inside Ginger Lynn
Devil in Mr. Holmes.avi 920.20 MB
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers disc1.avi 1.37 GB
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers disc2.avi 1.37 GB
Double Penetrations 4.avi 487.42 MB
Electric Blue 17 Campus Fever.avi 613.75 MB
Fan Bang.mp4 1.14 GB
Fantasy World.wmv 968.56 MB
Firebush 1.mp4 2.40 GB
First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards.avi 639.81 MB
Forbidden Entry.mkv 460.13 MB
GET OFF.avi 233.04 MB
Gentlemen Prefer Ginger.avi 682.98 MB
Ginger And Spice.mp4 1.23 GB
Ginger Effect.mp4 1.24 GB
Ginger Loves Girls CD 1.avi 701.14 MB
Ginger Loves Girls CD 2.avi 699.30 MB
Ginger Lynn And Company.avi 831.98 MB
Ginger Lynn Non-stop.AVI 699.06 MB
Ginger Lynn Screws The Stars.mp4 1.06 GB
Ginger Lynn The Movie.avi 732.86 MB
Ginger On The Rocks.mkv 1.37 GB
Ginger Rides Again.mp4 723.30 MB
Ginger Snaps.AVI 1.14 GB
Ginger Then and Now.avi 831.06 MB
Ginger's Hawaiian Scrapbook.avi 573.34 MB
Ginger's Private Party.avi 893.51 MB
Ginger's Sex Asylum.mp4 847.14 MB
Ginger.avi 892.63 MB
Gingers All Girl Greatest Hits.mp4 977.62 MB
Girls On Fire
Girls of Paradise.avi 938.53 MB
Golden Age of Porn Ginger Lynn.avi 533.27 MB
Golden Girls 172 - Hot Box (Ginger Lynn).avi 138.55 MB
Golden Girls 174 - Peach Pie (Ginger Lynn, Ron Jeremy).avi 168.85 MB
Golden Girls 194 - It Isn't The Money (Ginger Lynn, Marc Wallice).avi 131.14 MB
Golden Girls Film 179 She Can't Help It.mp4 79.56 MB
Grafenberg Spot Edited.mp4 844.55 MB
Hanky Panky
Hypnotic Sensations.mkv 1.39 GB
I Dream of Ginger.avi 900.09 MB
I Love My Blonde Step Mommy.mp4 1.55 GB
I Wanna Cum Inside Your Mom 23.wmv 1.64 GB
I Want It All.avi 698.79 MB
Illusions Of Ecstasy.mkv 998.48 MB
Interracial Anal Love 2 Splits/Interracial Anal Love #2 - MILF Edition Scene.1.avi 530.00 MB
Interracial Anal Love 2 Splits/Interracial Anal Love #2 - MILF Edition Scene.2.avi 332.87 MB
Interracial Anal Love 2 Splits/Interracial Anal Love #2 - MILF Edition Scene.3.avi 533.50 MB
Interracial Anal Love 2 Splits/Interracial Anal Love #2 - MILF Edition Scene.4.avi 567.69 MB
Interracial Anal Love 2 Splits/Interracial Anal Love #2 - MILF Edition Scene.5.avi 520.26 MB
Interracial Anal Love 2 Splits/Interracial Anal Love #2 - MILF Edition Scene.6.avi 501.75 MB
Interracial Gloryhole Initiations 18_Scene.wmv 204.54 MB
Jailhouse Girls.avi 912.28 MB
Jewel De'Nyle's Last Movie.mp4 2.85 GB
Joys of Erotica 109.mkv 705.90 MB
L'amour.mkv 998.16 MB
Lesbian Tutors 10.avi 1.33 GB
Letters Of Love.MP4 979.28 MB
Limousine's Escort Girls.mp4 700.32 MB
Love And Bullets cd1.avi 699.54 MB
Love And Bullets cd2.avi 693.58 MB
MILF Legends #1-CD1.avi 699.44 MB
MILF Legends #1-CD2.avi 700.78 MB
MILF Worship 10.mp4 2.65 GB
Miss Passion.mkv 869.83 MB
Misty Beethoven The Musical.avi 1.37 GB
Modeling Studio.avi 943.88 MB
Mommy Knows Best 1.avi 694.40 MB
Mommy Knows Best 3.mp4 1.33 GB
Mommy and Me 1.mkv 1.97 GB
Mommy and Me 14.mkv 1.12 GB
Mother Suckers 2 CD1.avi 699.24 MB
Mother Suckers 2 CD2.avi 695.66 MB
My First SexTeacher_scene.wmv 171.32 MB
New Wave Hookers 1.avi 999.25 MB
New Wave Hookers 6.avi 645.62 MB
Night of Loving Dangerously_scene.mkv 522.30 MB
No Dicks Permitted 4.mp4 1.31 GB
No Man's Land MILF Edition 3.mp4 1.73 GB
Older Women Younger Men 11.avi 1.37 GB
Older Women Younger Men 13.mp4 1.74 GB
Older Women Younger Women 9.mp4 2.38 GB
On Golden Blonde.mkv 1.34 GB
Panty Raid.avi 700.22 MB
Photoflesh.avi 1.46 GB
Pink Lagoon
Pleasure Hunt 2.mp4 1.20 GB
Pleasure Hunt.avi 747.16 MB
Pleasure Productions 9.avi 546.05 MB
Poonies.mkv 954.34 MB
Pretty As You Feel.avi 1.49 GB
Pretty Girls.avi 518.17 MB
Project Ginger.mp4 1.28 GB
Raven.avi 790.13 MB
Saw.mkv 1.33 GB
Seasoned Players 4 CD 1.avi 699.61 MB
Seasoned Players 4 CD 2.avi 698.50 MB
Seductress 36 Sex Tigress.avi 113.03 MB
Seductress 45 - First Date.avi 144.71 MB
Shape-Up For Sensational Sex.avi 1.59 GB
Sister Dearest_scene.mkv 97.13 MB
Slip Into Ginger And Amber.avi 1.04 GB
Slumber Party.mkv 1.37 GB
Sodomia.wmv 962.44 MB
Some Kind Of Woman.avi 871.96 MB
Sperm Busters edited.mp4 1.18 GB
Stripped.avi 700.51 MB
Strokin To The Oldies Ginger Lynn.mp4 1.74 GB
Submission Of Ginger Lynn.mp4 1.07 GB
Supergirls Do General Hospital.avi 1.15 GB
Surrender In Paradise.mp4 751.07 MB
Suzie Superstar The Search Continues.avi 835.26 MB
Swedish Erotica 81 - Ginger Lynn.avi 903.43 MB
Swedish Erotica Film 545 She's Been a Bad Girl.mp4 90.08 MB
Sweetest Taboo.mp4 1.17 GB
Taboo 4 (1985).mkv 1.87 GB
Taboo Mommy Tales 2.mp4 1.49 GB
Talk Dirty to Me 3 (new).avi 1.01 GB
Teasers.avi 737.81 MB
Ten Little Maidens.mkv 1,017.89 MB
The Peoples Choice Cristy Canyon Vs. Ginger Lynn (1980s).avi 1.06 GB
Those Lynn Girls.avi 1.15 GB
Those Young Girls_scene.avi 149.98 MB

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