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Taija Rae Collection - MegaPack
Rae, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and entered the adult film industry in 1983, after being detected by a amateur Philadelphia talent hard, Lynx Management. The first-ever part of her stage name, pronounced Tayzh-a, came from an Oriental cocktail waitress she worked with before pornography. The last name, Rae, was a tribute to Fay Wray, actress in the vid King Kong. (Incidentally, both the first-ever name Taija (tie-yah) and last name Rae are typical Finnish names.) After a test image shoot in Fresh York City, she swiftly made the rounds of the Fresh York adult industry and kept engaged in East Coast of the Connected States glamour films and pic modeling, working with directors such as Henri Pachard, Chuck Vincent, and Dave Darby. Her very first films were Dangerous Stuff and Sequences They Wouldn't Let Me Shoot, filmed the same weekend. She became known for her rounded, softer body, broad thighs, and ginormous, all-natural hooters with massive, dark crimson puffies.

In 1986, she switched her appearance by losing weight and dying her hair towheaded, and started doing more work thru a West Coast agent. With this, she reached the height of her success, when Hustler magazine referred to her as one of "porn's Phat 4" (along with Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, and Amber Lynn). She was proud of being able to charge $1,000 per day for her roles. She maintained her home in Pennsylvania, periodically flying out to the West Coast to film episodes, until ultimately moving to Los Angeles, California in 1988.

Genre: Blowjob,Anal,Masturbation,Double Penetration,Classic,1980s,Hairy Pussy,Lesbian,Retro,Cunnilingus,Interracial,
Cast: Taija Rae
Movies: 109
Size: 115.230 MB
Duration: 8000 min

69th Street Vice.mp4 756.52 MB
Amber Pays the Rent.mp4 820.03 MB
American Babylon.divx 644.36 MB
An Evening Of Celebration.mkv 664.91 MB
Animated dolls.avi 859.47 MB
Baby Face 2.avi 1.06 GB
Backdoor Club.mkv 816.73 MB
Best Little Whorehouse In San Francisco.mp4 778.26 MB
Bootsie.avi 1.03 GB
BordelloHouseOfTheRisingSun.mp4 955.62 MB
Breaking In.wmv 1.02 GB
Campus Cuties.MP4 1,002.04 MB
Candy Stripers #2.mp4 697.17 MB
Chastity And The Starlets.avi 1.51 GB
Cherry Tricks.mpg 768.77 MB
Christine's Secret.avi 699.57 MB
Climax.mp4 968.37 MB
Club Exotica 2.avi 1.06 GB
Club Exotica.avi 956.43 MB
Dangerous Stuff.AVI 971.67 MB
Debi Diamond Vs Taija Rae.wmv 981.27 MB
Der Gier schutzlos ausgeliefert.avi 1.37 GB
Desperate Women.mkv 1.38 GB
Devil in Mr Jones (1987).mkv 1.12 GB
Die Samenschlacht.avi 189.35 MB
Dirty Blondes.mp4 1.25 GB
Doctor Penetration.avi 879.48 MB
Doin The Harlem Shuffle.avi 2.29 GB
Double Trouble.mp4 1.17 GB
Dream Girls.avi 932.37 MB
Driller- A Sexual Thriller.mkv 1.13 GB
Eaten Alive.avi 989.57 MB
Erotic Zone.avi 1.08 GB
Ex Connection.avi 773.39 MB
Exposure.wmv 1.38 GB
Fashion Dolls.mp4 436.73 MB
Fashion Fantasies.avi 882.41 MB
Fashion Passion.mp4 993.66 MB
Flesh and Fantasy.mkv 1.12 GB
Fuck My Little Sister (Lizzie).avi 63.32 MB
Furburgers.MP4 1.01 GB
Give It to Me.avi 711.83 MB
Good Girl Bad Girl.avi 1,006.46 MB
Good Morning Taija Rae.avi 716.08 MB
Hometown Honeys.avi 758.38 MB
Hostage Girls.avi 917.66 MB
Hot Box Invasion.avi 766.03 MB
Hot Rockers.mp4 1.37 GB
Immorals 4.mp4 1.84 GB
Inner Blues.avi 801.80 MB
Inside Little Oral Annie.avi 705.65 MB
Jack and Jill 2.avi 701.54 MB
Jailhouse Girls.avi 912.28 MB
Jewels Of The Night.mp4 819.31 MB
Les.Femmes.Mariees.mkv 1.07 GB
Little Oral Annie Takes Manhattan.avi 699.90 MB
Living Doll.avi 859.47 MB
Looking for Mr. Goodsex.wmv 1.00 GB
Make Me Feel It.avi 1.01 GB
Mitzi's_Honor.mp4 742.81 MB
Moonlusting.avi 667.77 MB
Motel Sweets.MP4 1.06 GB
Mouth Watering.mp4 1.16 GB
Naked Scents.mkv 1.36 GB
Opening Night aka Passionfest.mp4 1.08 GB
Play Me Again Vanessa.wmv 835.19 MB
Raw Talent.avi 708.13 MB
Return to Alpha Blue.avi 987.61 MB
Rock Hard.avi 975.93 MB
Satin Angels.mp4 878.31 MB
Satin Seduction.avi 1.11 GB
Scenes they wouldn't let me shoot.avi 1.09 GB
Secret Mistress.avi 968.34 MB
Sex 2084.avi 634.72 MB
Sex Drive.mkv 730.76 MB
Sex Life of a Porn Star.avi 898.92 MB
Sex On The Set.wmv 1.01 GB
Sex Spa USA.avi 663.30 MB
Sexually Altered States.mkv 1.06 GB
Shades Of Passion.avi 585.06 MB
She's So Fine
Sleazy Rider.mp4 1.15 GB
Smooth As Silk.mp4 1.32 GB
Spoiled.mp4 900.19 MB
Star Angel.avi 701.84 MB
Starlets.avi 1.51 GB
Supergirls Do General Hospital.avi 1.15 GB
Supergirls Do The Navy.avi 1,016.41 MB
Swedish Erotica 84_-_Taija Rae.1980s.mp4 1.04 GB
Swedish Erotica Hard 21 Double Dicked & Double Licked.avi 965.04 MB
Taboo American Style 1.mkv 648.20 MB
Taboo American Style 2.avi 919.63 MB
Taija Is Sizzling Hot.mp4 952.63 MB
Taija Rae Executive Slut
Taija Rae Screws The Stars.MP4 1.09 GB
Talk Dirty To Me 4.mp4 1.07 GB
This Is Your Sex Life.mp4 744.72 MB

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