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Lisa De Leeuw Collection - MegaPack
Illinois-born Lisa De Leeuw got into pornography because of a beau who controlled a video building that flashed X-rated films. At first-ever averse, she ultimately determined to give it a shot, and made her debut in the old school 800 Wish Lane (1979). She hastily became a dearest with aficionados, who appreciated her round figure, kinky mane of crimson hair and voracious spectacles. She emerged in many films from what is now called the "Golden Age" of pornography, and was one of the very first performers to sign an sensational contract with major adult production company Vivid Flick. She won the Adult Film Critics Award for Hottest Actress in Amanda by Night (1981) and was inducted into the X Rated Critics Hall of Stardom. She left the biz in 1987.

Genre: Natural Tits,Big Tits,Anal,Classic,1980s,1970s,Retro,Redhead,Hairy Pussy,Lesbian,Porn Movie,Double Penetration,Stockings,
Cast: Lisa De Leeuw
Movies: 81
Size: 104.770 MB
Duration: 5000 min

1001 Erotic Nights - The Story of Scheherazade.avi 800.44 MB
8 to 4.avi 1.37 GB
800 Fantasy Lane.avi 1.18 GB
All the Way In.avi 1.74 GB
Amanda By Night.DVD
Aunt Peg Goes Hollywood.mp4 1.14 GB
Behind The Scenes Of An Adult Movie.mp4 1.34 GB
Beverly Hills Cox.mkv 1.40 GB
Beverly Hills Exposed.mkv 1.33 GB
Big Melons 4.avi 363.93 MB
Black and White Affair.avi 932.99 MB
Blazing Redheads.avi 812.21 MB
Blow-off.mkv 998.22 MB
Bodies In Heat.mkv 1.37 GB
Brief Affair.mp4 987.22 MB
Caught From Behind 7.avi 895.90 MB
Center Spread Girls.avi 991.61 MB
Chocolate Cream.mp4 1.25 GB
Coed Fever.mkv 1.29 GB
Cupid's Arrow.avi 1.09 GB
Diamond Collection 79.avi 553.48 MB
Dixie Ray Hollywood Star.mkv 1.51 GB
Downstairs Upstairs.avi 699.13 MB
Every Which Way She Can.avi 1.08 GB
Flaming Tongues 1.avi 761.91 MB
Fox Holes.avi 728.23 MB
Garage Girls
Ginger.avi 892.63 MB
Girl from S.E.X..avi 1.46 GB
Girls That Love Girls.avi 1.13 GB
Heavenly Desire Uncut
Homecoming.avi 1.09 GB
I Dream of Ginger.avi 900.09 MB
I Like to Watch.avi 746.38 MB
Lips.avi 803.20 MB
Luscious.mkv 518.02 MB
Mascara.avi 695.88 MB
Memphis Cathouse Blues.avi 967.31 MB
Miss Passion.mkv 869.83 MB
Moments Of Love.mpg 1.63 GB
Nanci Blue.avi 877.53 MB
Natural Lamporn's Frat House.mp4 1.22 GB
Never Enough - Butchered Version.avi 711.01 MB
Never Enough - Shitty Version.avi 741.40 MB
October Silk.avi 839.53 MB
Olympic_Fever.avi 1.36 GB
On White Satin.avi 1.10 GB
Other Side Of Lianna.avi 1.01 GB
Oui, Girls aka Qui Girls.avi 833.18 MB
Passion Play.mp4 961.25 MB
Personal Touch 3.mp4 785.48 MB
Pink Champagne.mkv 1.26 GB
Plato's The Movie.avi 696.33 MB
Pro Ball Cheerleaders.avi 615.99 MB
Raw Talent.avi 708.13 MB
Rebecca's.avi 876.96 MB
Rolls Royce Vol 1.mkv 625.33 MB
Scandal In The Mansion.avi 1.09 GB
Scared Stiff aka Deep Ghost.avi 730.09 MB
Seductress.avi 1.08 GB
Sexloose aka Las Vegas Maniacs.AVI 641.93 MB
Sheer Haven.avi 283.82 MB
Skintight.mkv 1.37 GB
Sorority Sweethearts
Springtime In The Rockies.flv 1.12 GB
Squalor Motel.avi 1.02 GB
Stranger in Town.mp4 660.34 MB
Sulka's Daughter.avi 863.74 MB
Summer of '72
Swedish Erotica 1132.avi 267.65 MB
Swedish Erotica 399 - Zeroing In.avi 111.29 MB
Swedish Erotica 418 - Hot massage.avi 109.09 MB
Swedish Erotica Film 415.avi 138.92 MB
Swedish Erotica Hard 34.avi 1.05 GB
Ten Little Maidens.mkv 1,017.89 MB
Thats My Daughter.avi 1.20 GB
The Filthy Rich.DVD5

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