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Hi everyone, i'm here to share and give pleasure.I was a simple user on Pornhub until I started to upload my SEXTAPES here since November 2016.I learned a lot of my body watching porn movies and that's why I enjoy creating it. I'm pretty small girl of almost 5'1. I love to watch myself having sex with my partner. I'm happy to share part of my sexuality through sextapes and I feel it like a liberation from the common senses associated to female sexuality. I'm engaged since 10 years with the only man you will see in my videos and we both are wondering to experience our sexuality.I believe that an open mind approach to the sex within a couple is the best way to never get bored each others. I like to play in the game of seduction, i care about particulars. I like to start slow, kisses on neck are the most easy way to get me wet; i also say ''no''. Think about me as the girl of the next door which has sexual wishes as you.

Genre: Anal, creampies, multiple creampies, blow jobs, fingering pussy, fingering ass, squirting, pissing outdoors, anal gape, ass to mouth, ass to pussy, cumshot in mouth, road head, fingering while driving
Cast: Danika Mori
Clips: 145
Size: 53.100 MB
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