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Hi, my name is "Sexy Susi" ...
... of course that's not my real name. But it's my stage name since many, many years and even close friends call me "Susi". I am from Poland, to be more precise from the vicinity of Gdansk. Thus my mother's tongue is Polish, but I think, my German is fairly understandable ...
They tried to teach me Russian at school, possibly I have forgotten some in the meantime ...
I do understand a bit of English, French and Dutch. 
I was born in april 1972, so actually I am 48 years old. This is my true age. I hate lying about one's age. I know colleagues being 39 years old. Since 13 years. Or likewise.
I am married and have kids. That's enough private information. But some guys need to know: I do not look for a new husband or else.
I came into porn biz in 1998. So it's really 22 years now I am working in front of cameras. I am frequently asked, how. Well simple: It was an ad in a local newspaper. It was "MMV", I think, looking for new faces whilst shooting in Poland. I gave it a try. And I liked it. Honest to say: It was much better payed then the job in the grocery store I used to work in beforehand.
In the meantime I worked for many international companies. I do not want to single out some of them. Just check my list of films to find out. I have no problem calling myself a porn-pro. I hesitate to call myself a porn-star. Other may do, I don't.
I have started to work in clubs as a show-act some years ago. I am not quite sure, it's about 8 years now. I have invested a lot in my shows and I think they are worth to be enjoyed. I like to entertain. I love applause ...
Last but not least, I am working as an escort to. I am trying to give my customers the impession that they are respected as customers. I am not pretending to offer services, which I would not really be prepared to offer in the end. I do not lie about my dos and don'ts. On the other hand I do expect everyone to respect me, as a human being and a woman. I have good reason to stress this point.
I'm quite often asked, how long I am going to do what I do. Let me put it like this: I did not start my profession with 100% performance and I will not stop out of a sudden. I will like my job as long as my fans and customers like me.

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Cast: Sexy Susi, Susanne Nigbezsmieta, Jadwiga Baginska, Magda Polak,
Clips: 92
Pics: 3000
Size: 168.980 MB
Duration: 1500 min

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