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[ManyVids.com] Dame Olga Collection - MegaPack

Howdy, my name is Dame Olga and I'm a kinkster MILF! If you've reached my store, you're most likely a sole fetish enthusiast. Aren't you? Great news: I am too! In my opinion, soles are the sexiest part of women's body; that's why I take so much care in making mine as nasty as possible. I'm a boot junkie and I enjoy wearing hosiery. There is one thing I cannot resist: jizm on my feet! Each time my soles and footwear get decorated with jizm, I sense absolutely delighted.

Genre: Blowjob,Handjob,Masturbation,Fetish,Milf,Dildo,Femdom,Barefoot,Pantyhose,Footjob,Foot Fetish,Shoejob,Russian,
Cast: Dame Olga
Clips: 199
Size: 201.570 MB
Duration: 2000 min

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